SUGCH 2021/1 - Marketing Automation Building Blocks

Our first online meetup for 2021 took place on 02. February 2021. We had 20 attendees on this event and even some international guests which is one of the benefits of online meetups.


Marketing Automation Building Blocks

Our guests Rashmy Patwari and Ozell McBride, both from the United States, showed us the building blocks involved in creating a Marketing Automation campaign.

In the first part of the presentation, Ozell covered importing xDB contacts from CSV into a contact list in the List Manager and gave a quick introduction to Sitecore Forms and its Submit Actions. Rashmy then took over and showed us how to create a Marketing Automation plan that sends e-mails through EXM and creates a list based on a triggered goal. All in all covering several building blocks of the Sitecore Experience Platform.

Thank you for this extensive demo that surely took quite some time to set up and cheers to the Demo Gods that all went well. 😊

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Geschrieben am 2. February 2021