SUGCH 2020/2 - What's new in Sitecore 10?

This was the first event of our online Meetup series. We’ve adapted the meetup format a bit: To keep things brief, there will be only one presentation per event but we plan on having an event more often. The goal is once per month. Also, the event time was moved to office hours as this is more convenient for most.

We were happy to have over 20 Sitecore enthusiasts attending this online meetup.


What’s new in Sitecore 10?

We were lucky enough to have Jason St-Cyr, Technical Evangelist at Sitecore to show us around the brand new Sitecore 10 release. With a special focus on the developer features we’ve all been waiting for. (Containerize all the things!)

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Geschrieben am 20. October 2020