SUGCH 2019/2 - An Awesome Event

The second meetup this year was a very special one. The active participation and event feedback from the community was very positive and the event keeps growing. We’ve set a new attendee record with over 30 visitors and a previously fully booked event registration. Unic, our host for this meetup, made this new visitor record possible with its splendid location in Zurich with plenty of room to create the atmosphere of a conference.

Of course the speaker line-up was one of the main reasons for the fully packed meetup. We offered reserved seating for our special guests Akshay and Jason. :)

Many excited folks ready for an introduction to Universal Tracker and Jason, trying to recover from an already long and exhausting trip through Europe. The SUGCH was the last stop on their tour.


Here’s a short re-cap and materials to download from the two presentations.

How to personalize the user experience with offline data from Sitecore Universal Tracker

Akshay Sura introduced us to the Universal Tracker for Sitecore. A brand new, powerful tracking service to gather analytics data from any device or channel. Or how he summarized his presentation:

In this presentation we will go through how a fictitious conference company is able to personalize the content on their Sitecore site based on the information they gather from offline sources such as IoT RFID scanners at the conferences, external sites built in PHP and HTML and mobile apps.

Sitecore Cortex: From Introduction to Extension

Jason Wilkerson took us on a quick journey back in time when Microsoft’s Office Helper Clippy was a thing and did an excellent job introducing the audience to Sitecore Cortex, setting it into context in machine learning and artificial intelligence world. Or how he summarized it:

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are all the rage in buzz words these days and Marketers are eagerly searching for ways to incorporate this new landscape of technology into their customer’s journeys. Cortex may be the answer to that search! In this session, we’ll talk about Sitecore Cortex, its out-of-the-box functionality, as well as how you might leverage it today. We’ll also discuss how and when you might extend it to achieve additional business goals through automation, including custom workers and agents.

Round Tables Discussions Including Ad-hoc Agenda Building

Our round table sessions are getting better and better, this time the audiences favorite topics to discuss where:

  • Sitecore Upgrades
  • Sitecore Forms
  • Sitecore on Docker

Very interesting topics where everybody had something to share or learn in lively discussions ‘til the end of the evening.

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Geschrieben am 14. October 2019