SUGCH 2018 - Event Summary

After a rather long break, the request for another Sitecore meetup was loud and clear. No wonder we had an all time visitors record at that evening in Zurich. Here’s a short summary of the presentations held. But first and foremost, thanks again to our host Namics for the great hospitality and excellent drinks and food. It was a pleasure!

We had lots of goodies to share - many thanks to Tamas Varga from Sitecore for equiping us with nice give aways!


Sitecore 9.1 und Symposium 2018 Insights

As a short intro presentation we decided to warm-up with a summary from the Sitecore Symposium 2018 in Orlando. Here’s what Mark, Tobi and Reto brought back from the Symposium:

The Road to Enlightenment - Upgrading a Large Sitecore Solution

Mark Lowe has spent a fair amount of time upgrading a large Sitecore solution to the latest and greatest Sitecore. He showed us where to be careful, what to consider, how to approach and what to omit during an upgrade project to Sitecore 9. It’s one of the most requested slides and the topic is certainly one of the most relevant out there right now, so take your time and read the slides and his blog post.

Upgrading to Sitecore 9 von Mark Lowe

How to Accelerate Sitecore Installation with a SIX Module

Robert Senktas travelled all the way from Poland to Switzerland to join the user group, that’s just an awesome commitment. His presentation was a walkthrough on using Sitecore Install Extensions (SIX) to manage prerequisites and prepaire everything to kick-off the Sitecore Installation Framework to install and configure Sitecore. This is the presentation held at SUGCON:

Sitecore Install Extensions in Action from Robert Senktas

Robert has crafted an excellent documentation for SIX, so you’ll get proper guidance using his module.

Cleaning up Sitecore Controllers

Tobias Studer likes it clean and tidy in his solution. If you’re ready for some spring cleaning in your controllers, dive in to his suggestions around model builders! Besides an in depth presentation about the inner workings of model builders, you can find even more examples and arguments pro model builders on his blog.

Round Tables

We added a new format to the meetup: Round Tables. After the presentations we did an ad-hoc agenda building and came up with 4 different topics to speak about in 4 groups, rotating every 10 minutes. The feedback was positive and we’ll certainly keep the round tables on the agenda for the next meetup.

So long, your SUGCH Orga team

Geschrieben am 5. December 2018