SUGCH 2/2016 - New location, same great community!

This retrospect of the second SUGCH in 2016 is long overdue. Apologies for the delay. We had a great time and met in Zurich for the first time (kindly hosted by Unic). Now we’re looking for a nice location on neutral ground in Zurich for the upcomming SUGCH. We’ll reach out to you, when we’re ready. In the mean time, you can always contact us.


FXM, mal nicht als Sales Pitch

Ernst Joss took us on a journey deep into the inner workings of the Federated Experience Manager. Have a look at the presentation yourself. I’m sure there’s something new for you to learn.

Multisite Sitecore solution? - simplify your life!

Sitecore is one of the to go CMS Solutions for Multisite setups, but doing the Multisolution setup right, is not trivial at all. Learn from Livia Dobocan how you should tune Sitecore to run your multisite setup.

NitroNet for Sitecore

NitroNet is an exciting Sitecore extension to integrate a Handlebars based view engine. No more manual sync of html between the static pages from the frontend team and the Razor view templates in your Sitecore solution. Take NitroNet and directly use the Handelbar templates! Get all the details from the nice presentation by Fabian Geiger.

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